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The Church Training College in Järvenpää, Pieksämäki, Lapua, Ruokolahti and Uusikaarlepyy, is a private educational learning institution, specialising in social and health care education as well as in the humanisties and various church professions.

Throughout its history, the Church Training College has been a path-setter in its field, innovating and starting new forms of training. The college has long traditions e.g. in youth and children’s work as well as in the area of social services. The Church Training College also provides general education along several different lines.

The Church Training College arranges apprenticeship training. The Work Life Development Services of the Church Training College respond to the various needs for education and development of work life. Work groups and teams are offered educational services which range from short meetings for updating vocational skills to examinations and longterm project co-operation.

In the Church Training College, experience and new ideas meet.The fundamental idea behind the activity of the Church Training College is to develop know-how, expertise and professional skills in those fields which aim to make the world a better place to live and work in, and which, at the same time, promote the realisation of Christian values in the society and in the lives of individuals.

The Church Training College seeks to be a meeting point between church and society offering an opportunity for dialogue between different ideas and an arena for new discoveries. The Church Training College employs ca. 170 people. The number of students in long term education is approx. 2 500 each year. In addition, several thousand people participate in short term education and other events every year.