Courses for immigrants to study the finnish language and finnish culture at Lapua campus

Study term:  14.08.2017 — 15.06.2018, 42 academic weeks

The course aims at studying

  • persons who can speak Finnish just a little or not at all.


  • studying Finnish words (expanding essential vocabulary) and grammar (level В1.1)
  • developing and mastering language skills
  • acquaintance with Finnish society
  • help in planning further actions
  • students’ preparation to Finnish working society.

Content of the programme:

Finnish language and communicative skills

  •  vocabulary, grammar
  • Finnish cuisine
  • multicultural project
  • being good at computer technologies.

Working activities and social skills

  • general information of working activities
  • major types of Finnish society and their structure
  • Finnish culture
  • cultural identity and multicultural interaction.

In addition to:

 An individual plan for each person

  • an individual programme is developed for each person. It is based on individual data and needs and is worked out together with the student.
  • teaching is included in the programme of adaptation at a new place of dwelling.

Selection to study and admittance terms

  • application forms have to be sent directly to the Institute by 28.7.2017
  • application forms can be obtained at the Institute. The certificates of education and working activities are to be attached.
  • entrance exam is taking place in August, the 3-th, 2017. The exam consists of an interview and tests in Finnish. The applicants to enter the courses will be sent invitations to take an entrance exam.
  • final selection and admittance will be on August, the 4-th, 2017
  • the applicants must have a residence permit in Finland. Students must have got skills in reading and writing in Finnish
  • the applicant must contact the TE-toimisto when applying for training.


  • study costs 120 Euros /month; the whole course costs 1200 Euros.
  • during the school day there is a lunch at the institute.  The lunch costs 6 Euros/day.
  • there is an opportunity for 2 persons to share one and the same room. It is possible to reserve the room during a week from Monday till Friday. Accommodation costs 50 euros /week. The cost of accommodation includes breakfast and dinner.

Financing the studies

  • student also can get a financial support on the state’s behalf in case he/she meets standards, available to foreign students.
  • to get more detailed information, contact KELA, please.

Enquiries and application forms

Seurakuntaopisto, Lapua Christian Institute Campus

Siiriläntie 11- 13, 62100 Lapua

tel: (06) 433 9200, fax (06) 433 9220


Application form in English

(Attention! Changes may occur. If the institute is to change the time of study, we shall let the students know before 10 days to start classes.)