Digi Family



Hankkeen tarkoitus

This project seeks to contribute to join family and community resources with those of mental health, educational and social professionals in order to improve their work, to allow them to reach more patients in less time and to give to these patients and families a more efficient and high quality psychotherapy.

Our partnership focuses on digitalising a professional network where community and family resources are discussed and shared in the social, educational and mental health fields. The target group of this project are professionals in need of more community and family tools to work with the ultimate target group: socially disadvantaged people and/or people suffering from mental health problems and/or social exclusion.




Espanja Asociacion Salut Mental, hallinnoi

Belgium (Namur): Centre Neuro Psychiatrique Saint-Martin

Greece (Athens): Center of Psychological and Pedagogical Support Kepsipi

Romania (Arad): Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu din Arad

Iceland (Akureyri): Hospital of Akureyri

Luxembourg: Luxembourg Institute of Health

Germany (Rostock): Klinik und Poliklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie


Merja Reunanen,
p. 0400 372 090